Review: Le Pan I TC 970 9.7-Inch Android Tablet

Le Pan 9.7 in Android TabletThis fall I decided I wanted an ereader. We don’t use smartphones. I was clueless as to what an app was and how to use a touchscreen. When I started shopping around I was confused.
I had put the Kindle Cloud and Kindle Reader on my laptop. I had played around with it reading a few ebooks. I read history books. Google books had many free history books on their site. So I had both on my laptop.
I found myself sitting more and more in doctor offices and hospital waiting rooms. Working third shifts we are allowed to read books at work. My laptop seemed a hassle to drag around and I couldn’t take it to work. I just wanted something to kill time but also something that allowed me to get online. I started thinking a android tablet. I could have an entire library in my hand.
So what to get? I started doing a little research. This one won’t work with Google Play. This one won’t work with Kindle. This one is Android this or that. You can do this online, but not offline. This one needs this or that.
I just wanted to read Kindle books and Google books, play a few games, go online to see my pictures and maybe check email. I didn’t intend to perform work on it. I didn’t intend to pay for wifi at an extra cost. I could download books at home and use the free wifi available in waiting rooms, libraries and restaurants.
When we visited my stepdaughter she had a Le Pan tablet. She said try hers while I was there. It did everything I wanted. So when we came home I wanted to buy one. Best Buy had them. So did Amazon. Don’t try to go to the Best Buy store and get it though. Their techie guy here had never heard of it. I had to order it online.
What I have is the Le Pan 1 TC 970 9.7 inch Android Tablet. If you want to know all of the tech details look it up. I just know it does what I want. I have Amazon and Google Play on it. I have figured out apps. It has a browser and I can go online. It’s a nice size to hold in my hand and the cover I ordered for it doubles as a stand..
Without wifi I can read my books and play some games. I have downloaded some tv shows. I have downloaded a few Tiny Desk Concerts off of NPR. I have a scanner app that I can use if someone shows me a picture or I find something at the library. I have Evernote where I can jot things down. There are a lot of fun free apps out there that work offline.
With wifi I can do more. I have Direct TV and their app. I can use my tablet as a receiver to watch my channels live or a previous show. I can watch HBOgo. I take it into the kitchen to watch tv or use it while I sit out on the porch. I can access my online recipes while I cook. I can get on Facebook and show my parents our family and friends photos while we are hanging out in waiting rooms. I can check my emails. I can watch Youtube videos. I use Stitcher and listen to satellite radio programs.
I won’t go through all of my apps. They are my taste and what suits me. When I am finished with a book I remove it. It still stays in my Kindle Cloud online if I ever want to go back to it. But it is off of my tablet. Same with music, I don’t use it for storage. I use it for entertainment and when I am finished with something I remove it and add something else. I am nowhere near filling it up.
You can order a cord and hook it up to the hdmi on your tv and watch your stuff on there. You can order more memory cards. You can hook the SB port into your computer and take your pictures, music, etc… off of there and put them on your tablet. It has a camera and video recorder in it. We have skyped with it.
I have yet to pay for my entertainment on it. I have used all of the free apps and free downloads available to me. I browse on my laptop and download apps that automatically go to my tablet. Google Play Store will tell me if the apps are compatible with my tablet so I don’t download something I can’t use. Kindle sends books to my tablet when I “purchase” them on my laptop.
It sells for $149.00 to $200.00 depending on where you get it. I ordered a case and a screen protector for mine. The touch screen really seemed to show fingerprints and one of the reviews said the protector helped. It did. I think it’s a sturdy tablet because the dog knocked it off of the end table and it went flying across the hardwood floor. It still worked without a problem. It keeps a good charge for hours. It was pretty simple to figure out and the help app is on there already which makes it even easier.
It does everything I need.   Posted by:  Rose Beyke

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