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Read Kindle on your PCI hear it all the time, “I saw this interesting book on Amazon the other day but I have a Blackberry” or “I’m finding a lot of kindle books that I like but I have a Nook.”  Well there is a way to solve your problem and most comes from Amazon.

First of all I’m going to start with something that all don’t know about Kindle.  You don’t have to own a Kindle, Fire or otherwise, to read Kindle books on your PC.  Reading with the Kindle,  or most other book readers out there, is a simple and FREE download and I’m going to tell you where they all are.

Ok now, I’ll cut to the chase by just giving you a list of links.  Just go download and install the one you need.

Read Kindle on PC (Windows 7, XP and Vista) …|… Read Kindle on PC (Windows 8)

Read Kindle on MAC …|… Read Kindle on iPhone and iPod Touch

Read Kindle on Windows Phone …|…  Read Kindle on Blackberry

Read Kindle on iPad …|… Read Kindle on Android Tablet

Although this post is all about the Kindle ebooks, it is also about reading ebooks on a PC.  There is one more that may be read on a PC and that is the Nook.

Here’s the link:  Read Nook on your PC …|… Read Nook on your MAC

There is one more piece of excellent software out that allows one to cross the lines a little bit further.  It let’s you convert most anything from one format to the other.  It’s really cool and will most likely be the subject of my next post.  So if you need something like that…it’s coming soon.

For now here’s a little more about the Nook.

It is set to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and comes in Nook.   Study offers two categories of benefits the ability to read ebook.…Barnes Noble Nook


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