Phishing Awareness

phishingPhishing is not really on the subject of publishing but we do depend on our computers for a lot and we all want to keep control of what goes in and out right?  This article is for those who want to keep their computers a little more safe.
If you receive an email from a business or friend that you may or may not normally deal with, it may be a Phishing” email.  This is where the the sender’s email is “spoofed” to look like something you are familiar with.  Most of the time it will have a link attached and the message will encourage you to click it.  If you click such a link it will install unwanted software on your computer in an attempt to steal your personal information.
These links may also direct you to a potentially dangerous web sites that can look similar to your bank or any
other place of business which require a password.  If you fall into this trap and enter your password; bang they
now have full access to your accounts.  Pretty scary stuff, huh?
These Phishermen, commonly called “Phishers” by the computer geeks, may do anything including but not limited to; making your computer run terribly slow, totally wiping out your hard drive, stealing all your personal information, withdrawing money from your bank account, maxing out all of your charge cards.  Yes this is a serious matter!The best w  ay to avoid falling into these traps is; AWARENESS, so always have this possibility in mind when you check your emails.

Take my advice on the following 3 things and you can avoid 99% of these “Phishermen”.  Remember nothing in real life is 100%.

Follow my advice to avoid Phishing attacks:

  1.  If you receive an email that you are unsure about or something just to seem right then
    delete it.
  2. Be sure that you tell yourself NOT to click on any links within the email and be double sure that you
    don’t click on ANY attachment that may be included with the email.
  3. Be aware that any business you deal with will not be emailing you with these strange
    messages about how your account is about to be frozen or there is a problem and you need to click this link or
    attachment to fix things.

To keep your computer safe you need to make all your passwords “bullet proof” and I’ll share with you now how I do that.  I use and app and software called Keeper.  It is easy to use and they have both a free and paid version. You
can check it out by clicking  here:

Now go on a real “Fishing” trip and enjoy your day.

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