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A Non-Fiction ebook in 3 Days

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 As my title indicates, this article is about how to write a Non-Fiction ebook in only 3 days or maybe even less.  Hogwash you say, I’ll tell you this, I did it and you can too.  First, there are two things you need that are very important, commitment, some time and a computer attached to the internet.   I’m going to assume that you do have made the commitment and allocated some time.  You don’t have […]

Formatting Books with Word


I always had the same problem each time I start formatting books with Word.  A new book always was a formatting nightmare.   Then I discovered Templates.  I will be sharing with you here a way to always have your Word docs setup and ready to start writing that next best seller! If you have been writing for awhile, you will most likely have a favorite setup and it will most like will change little, if […]

Free Bonsai Book Download

After 25 years of developing my Bonsai skills, I finally wrote a book.  It was published in February and I have a FREE promo starting today March 1 through Apr 1 at midnight. For those who are interested, just curious or would like to download and give me a much needed review, I would so appreciate. Click Here to download.  It’s  Totally FREE… Here is what to do if you don’t have a Kindle but […]

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