My KDP Free Promo Test

BookCoverImageHere are my KDP free promo test results I would like to share with everyone. My test book was getting an average of only 15 sales per month. My expectations of the free promo were, of course, to boost sales of the book and evaluate the effectiveness and benefits of a KDP free promo.
I used 4 of my 5 allotted days for test 1. Test 2 was done 30 days later using my last allotted day.

Test 1: During the 4 day free KDP free promo, I averaged 142 downloads per day using intense and expensive advertising. I deployed team of people to post announcements all over the world on blogs and social networks both before and during the promo. I also invested over 24 hours of my own time promoting.

Test 2: During my 1 day free KDP free promo, 30 days after Test 1, I had 255 downloads using absolutely NO advertising nor effort or time spent on my part. Not one single post was placed anywhere by me or my team.

The book tested was getting an average of 15 sells per month. I did not get any reviews during or after either of these promos and saw no increase in sales. The book was Fiction in the children genre and was not any of the books I now have advertised on my blog or facebook page.

So what does this mean?
Are there any real benefits in giving our books away?
Is money spent on advertising and announcing a free give-a-way a waste of time and money?
I would like to see your comments

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