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I always had the same problem each time I start formatting books with Word.  A new book always was a formatting nightmare.   Then I discovered Templates.  I will be sharing with you here a way to always have your Word docs setup and ready to start writing that next best seller!

If you have been writing for awhile, you will most likely have a favorite setup and it will most like will change little, if any, from book to book.  I will not attempt in this post to explain how to format but a simple process that will allow you to save your favorite format and use it again and again.
Try this next time you have all your formatting set, font size, paragraph indents, spacing and even things like dedication, copyright and chapter headings setup.

  • Click on File>Save As
  • From the Save as type box, choose:  Document Template
  • Click Save

This will save your document as a Template for your next book.   When you need to start a new simply open up your template then click Save as again.  Except this time save it as a Word Document under the name of your new book.  Now all you have to worry about is new content.   The formatting is all setup and ready to go.

This may seem simple to some but I have been ask about the hassles of formatting many times.

One last Bonus Formatting Books with Word Tip that you should always use:

Each time you want to start a new page, if it be end of chapter or between dedication and preface, use Word’s ‘Page Break’ function.  Never use the Enter Key to space down to the next page.  This will cause all sorts of problems with final publishing and digital formats.

I hope you found this post helpful.  If you did please share it with your friends and come back often for more useful tips that will help you with your writing.   How to Format Word for Digital Books is a topic for a future post.

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