Creating a Website with WordPress: Lesson #1

Efficientsites.comIf you write a book and get it published you are going to need your own website to promote it. Even if you use sites like Amazon’s Kindle or Creatspace for your paper copy, you are still going to need a website to promote it; else your book is more likely to get lost in cyberspace. I will also add that even if you never intend to write a book a website is good for any business, a hobby or to socialize with a world of friends.
Over the coming weeks I plan to publish several post on this subject so, for openers, I decided to call this:

Creating a Website with WordPress: Lesson #1

Let’s start with the basics for those that don’t have a clue. If you are a little mlore savy then just skim ahead until you get to something you are unsure of.

The first thing you are going to need is a domain name. I’m not going into detail about ‘how to choose’ your name but I will show you how to search for what is available. I’ll offer an idea at this point. How about your own name for your site. This is specially good if you are going to do a blog or maybe you are providing a service or selling your crafts online. If you have or are writing a book it would be an excellent idea to use the books title as the domain name.

So lets get busy on that domain name. Click here to go to the site that I use for all my domains and websites. I have used this company for 15 years. Their service is fantastic and you can’t beat their price for what they provide.
You should click in the field just under Domain Name Availability then click Check.  It doesn’t mater if you choose .com or .net it will show you all options either way.   A quick video is available that explains how to get your domain name as well if  you want to watch it.   For now just searh until you find just the right name but don’t click purchase yet.

You have two options now after you have found your name.  You may register the name outright for $9.95 or get your name free with the purchase of hosting space, that’s a place where your website and domain name will reside in cyberspace.  The reason I like Efficientsites is that they offer a wide varity of website software and templates that help get you started.   There are several how-videos available throughout the site to guide you through what you want.  I will not need to go into anymore detail with this post because I feel they cover everything so well.

It is as simple as choosing your domain name and clicking a few buttons and you will have your own WordPress site up and running with your own domain name.

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