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Would you like to write an ebook and have it published on Kindle? Maybe you have an idea for a Kindle and need a little help with your project. Alright! this means that you are ready to join 10 million others in the world that are wanting to do the same thing and another 10 million who are doing just that!   That is what makes internet marketing difficult but I have found a way that […]

My KDP Free Promo Test

Here are my KDP free promo test results I would like to share with everyone. My test book was getting an average of only 15 sales per month. My expectations of the free promo were, of course, to boost sales of the book and evaluate the effectiveness and benefits of a KDP free promo. I used 4 of my 5 allotted days for test 1. Test 2 was done 30 days later using my last […]

Phishing Awareness

Phishing is not really on the subject of publishing but we do depend on our computers for a lot and we all want to keep control of what goes in and out right?  This article is for those who want to keep their computers a little more safe. If you receive an email from a business or friend that you may or may not normally deal with, it may be a Phishing” email.  This is […]

WordPress Site Protection

Is your WordPress Site Protected?  It is a fact that WordPress sites are constantly scanned by hackers looking for a way to destroy everything you have worked so hard for. YIKES! Yes, that’s one word I can think of, so what steps should you take to protect your site from this escalating hack? Well thankfully, you’re about to get some help on doing just that! About to setup a new WordPress Site? Read This First!  […]

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