Nolan Publishing is a blog that I started to promote Kindle ebooks that I have published on Amazon.   My mission also is to provide visitors with useful information on how to write and get published.   I hope you find many topics of interest on this page that include, writing, producing, publishing and marketing  ebooks.   My ebooks are all published on Amazon and as far as I am concerned cannot find another place on the internet that provides a service that comes even close to Amazon.com …. and I am not getting paid to say that!    You will find information and links throughout this site to books authored by myself as well as others.

I know what a struggle the process of publishing and marketing can be.  I also know that it is  a continuous process.  That is why I started this blog.   I hope you find and continue to find useful information on this site to help you write and get published. …I encourage you to leave a comment or share an opinion now and then.

Good luck and wishing you success in getting all your ebooks published.

Dennis Nolan

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