A Non-Fiction ebook in 3 Days

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Kindle Books As my title indicates, this article is about how to write a Non-Fiction ebook in only 3 days or maybe even less.  Hogwash you say, I’ll tell you this, I did it and you can too.  First, there are two things you need that are very important, commitment, some time and a computer attached to the internet.   I’m going to assume that you do have made the commitment and allocated some time.  You don’t have to own a computer, most local libraries have a computer on the internet for public use.
First I want you to get yourself in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by anyone about anything.   This means turning off your iPhone and offer your full attention to writing your new book.  Your library is a good place to do this, even if you take your own laptop.  Second, I DON’T want you to be thinking or worrying about what you are going to write about, this will only take up valuable time.

Day 1:  Using a word processor of choice, type on one page,  5 different lines each, bold and a larger font;   Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Conclusion.  You may add more chapters later if needed.  That’s it, now forget about this page.  Start another page, start thinking type a few lines about each subject that you know something about.  It don’t matter if you consider yourself and expert, just type in the subject and at least one sentence about it.   Do this until you have at least one page of subject ‘notes’.  Now read over your notes and pick out the one subject that you know most about.  Now go back to page 1 and under Introduction, start typing about how you became knowledgeable about your subject.  It’s ok to ramble a little, at this point all  your are doing is brainstorming yourself about a subject you know a little or a lot about.  Continue this ‘rambling’ until you have a minimum of one page under Introduction.  Believe it or not your are now ready to go to your conclusion.  Under Conclusion you are going to write a two page summerization of what you wrote about in your Introduction.   Now you should have 3 or 4 pages of information pertinent to your new kindle book.  Lay these pages aside and forget about them for a day.

Day 2:  Pick up were you left on day 1 by reading what you have under Introduction then read your conclusion.   As you are reading, start thinking about how you can explain in more detail what you are reading.   While reading what you wrote yesterday is fresh on your mind, start typing under Chapter 1.  You should have at least 2 no more than 4 paragraphs in Chapter 1 before going to Chapter 2, two in Chapter 2…3 etc.  Continue until you have 2 – 4 paragraphs for each chapter then quit for the day.

Day 3:  Read entire book, Intro through conclusion.  Now starting with chapter 1, go through each chapter proofing and making additions and changes to make smooth transitions from chapter to chapter.   By now you will be able to go back to your introduction and edit to where all you do is introduce enough just to draw your reader into the rest of your story.  After you are satisfied with your intro, take a break for at least an hour, then read your book again from intro through conclusion.    Edit and make changes to your conclusion as your read it.

Now add your cover, copyright and dedication information and Walla!  End of day three and you have a book ready to be published as a digital and/or paper copy book.   Book cover design will be covered in another post.

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